Science Friday threatened

I’m still trying to avoid blogging at the moment but the news that Science Friday may not last much longer deserves to be brought to as wide an audience as possible. Apparently, the National Science Foundation no longer believes supporting the show is part of its mandate.

Heard live each Friday beginning at 2 p.m. on many, though not all, NPR stations, Science Friday is simply one of the most valuable two hours of radio programming anywhere. In an era in which corporate anti-science campaigns have made reasonable discourse nearly impossible on a wide variety of critical subjects involving the role of science in society — climate change is the most obvious example — we need more programs like Science Friday, not fewer.

Please let NPR management know that you care about Science Friday’s future. Running with Greg Laden’s proposal, let them know you aren’t keen on supporting your local NPR station unless the network your dollars sustain includes Science Friday. And/or donate directly to Science Friday.