6 Replies to “Maximum meltdown”

  1. Nope not wondering. Most of us have a life, and embrace plant food for what it is. Plant food.

  2. I’m guessing Canyuck is referring to Co2 being ‘plant food’ and so the rapid changes we’re seeing in the arctic and which have been linked to global rising Co2 levels are observations we can just wave away.

    If that’s right, then it’s the winner of today’s dumbest comments award. Possibly it’ll go on to win all week.

  3. Can a canyuk be that dumb? Oh, sorry, I thought you said Canuck.
    BTW the Antarctic ice is nearly half a million sq Kms below the 1979-2008 norm and the total loss, north and south is an area equivalent to one sixth of the area of the United States.
    Not that it matters, of course,……

  4. Are there data on thickness? I believe a lot of that ice is only a year or two old. That will make a big difference in how fast and how much of it melts this summer, right?

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