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  1. Ok, so the y axis is latitude . . . and it looks like our official current level of atmospheric CO2 is a reading from Antarctica? Never knew that. The large-scale “breathing” on the right, I take it, is an indicator of seasonal sequestration and release by vegetation in the northern hemisphere. What about the individual jumps and dips, the movements on the right-hand side which resemble pistons?

  2. Thanks! 🙂 That is perhaps the best animation on the subject I have ever seen. However, it may have been better if it had gone back to the origins of the PETM to depict the exceedingly greater rate of atmospheric-CO2 accumulation we are currently witnessing. It is precisely that “rate-differential” that, in my case, spurs sphincter spasms.

  3. Oh, look at that. I damn well know my x axis from my y axis (re comment above). It was late, I guess. But I still wonder about the piston-like movement on the right side of the graph over time.

  4. The science blogs stuff on the right side of the screen
    COVERS the good stuff for the last part of the show.
    I cannot make it go away.


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