Vote for Climate Crock

The good news is one of the best video sources of dispassionate, accurate, science-based information about climate change, Climate Denial Crock of the Week, is in the running for a $5,000 grant, over at Brighter Planet. The bad news is, it’s an Internet poll that determines who gets the cash, so being worthy isn’t enough. You can help put CCoTW over the top (it’s currently in second place), but signing up and voting. You even get three votes! So, for once, I can say: “Vote early, vote often,” and mean it.

[UPDATE: We did it.]

3 Replies to “Vote for Climate Crock”

  1. This blog sucks every bit as much as much as all of your other failed attempts.

  2. This blog sucks

    Wow, such a lucid, rational argument! I guess all of climate science is fake after all!

    Why would anyone bother with posting such crap (referring to the quoted, now that sarcasm mode is off).

    Glad to see that the Climate Crock of the Week came out on top – I voted for it twice (I also voted once for the second place project once, as it too seemed worthy).


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