Two centuries of warming in two minutes

This video was just shown to Congressional briefing in Washington, D.C. It is the end result of the BEST review of global temperature records.

4 Replies to “Two centuries of warming in two minutes”

  1. Yeah, they say reality is a UN-dominated socialist plot intent on subverting our freedoms to install a one-world government and we shouldn’t have a bar of it. There’ll be free cannabis distributions later, funded by Koch Industries, to counteract the subversive influence of reality. Piers Corbyn predicts everything will be mellow.

  2. Couple this one with the rising CO2 animation you had a few weeks ago, and you’ve got a pretty compelling presentation justlikethat. Of course, correlation doesn’t equal causation . . . but then again we’ve understood the basic physics of the CO2 molecule for 150 years. It’s just not bloody difficult.

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